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Sam is the founder & owner of FitBox45. He's a USA Boxing Certified Coach, Mitt Coach, and USA Amateur Boxing competitor of 15 years.

Originally from Puerto Rico, Sam grew up a fan of the sport of boxing. His fitness journey to lose weight and get fit brought him into the world of boxing/kickbox fitness. On this journey Sam lost 45lbs and eventually trained to compete in a sanctioned boxing match, which he won! Sam will always consider himself a student of the sport of boxing. He continues learning new techniques and strategies that help him become a better trainer for his clients. 




Ikeem Jones was a professional dance coach for 8 years before transitioning to boxing and coaching for FitBox45. Originally from the South Side of Chicago, Ikeem is currently training to compete as a prize fighter. In his spare time, he likes media creation, skateboarding, and entrepreneurship.


"Been a fighter my whole life but never had the chance to train under a mentor and finally thanks to Coach Sam my boxing goals are so much closer. We get sharp over here."




Originally from Pilsen, born in Chicago, raised in Waukegan, and of Mexican-Honduran descent, Coach Armando has spent the last 20 years as a trainer and strength and conditioning coach. He’s also been practicing massage therapy for 11 years and is a nutrition coach.

He takes pride in having trained those in a multitude of sports including soccer, hockey, baseball, bodybuilding, and professional boxers. Most notably, he was the strength and conditioning coach for professional World Title Contender, Adrian Granados, in the sport of boxing! He was also Granados’s nutrition coach and massage therapist and as a team, at their/his best, they reached No. 3 in the world @ 140 lbs. (junior welterweight) and headlined ESPN/Showtime championship boxing numerous times as the main event.

Coach Armando was a Nike sponsored trainer for 3 years and led Nike Training Club as it was introduced in Chicago and the USA. He has fought in the amateurs as a boxer and has participated in the Golden Gloves National tournament. He was and is still an active athlete and played baseball, basketball, football, and track throughout high school and into adult life.



"Sam is attentive and patient, changing up the workouts at each session so it's never boring and modifying things as needed. I'm a 44 year old beginner, but I've never felt like my age is held against me or held me back. He's pushy enough to get the job done but never unkind. The atmosphere of the gym is friendly yet we're all here for business! I love starting my day here. It leaves me feeling strong and ready to take on just about anything the day wants to throw at me, because I can throw those punches right back."

- Ruth H.

"Sam is an extremely knowledgeable trainer and I learn something new every time I work with him. He shows an endless amount of patience as I work to improve on my skills and is always supportive and encouraging. His positive energy motivates me to want to keep pushing myself and I feel like I am getting better and stronger every day. He’s the best!"

- Katie G.

"Not only did he motivate me throughout my workout (encouraging me to build strength), he also taught me proper technique on how to throw punches and/or protect my face. I finished every workout with FitBox45 feeling powerful."

- Kiley R.


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